Lazy Bones

by Bogsey

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This album is free so people can enjoy it, so please share it if you really liked it.

Lazy bones was mostly written, played, and recorded by Brandon Boggs, but they couldn't, and wouldn't have finished it without the help of lots of friends!

Patrick Erhard and Dustin Wright are the other two members of the band at the time we're releasing this, and Emma is kind of a member too! (She's a travelin' lady tho) They're all on here.

The album also features the voices of Logan Greene and Lucille Petty, Dan Faughnder, Michael Kelly, and Cat Bruner, with some extra bowed upright bass by Bogsey alum Nicholas Farrow, and baritone saxophone by AJ Peacox.

Everything was mixed, mastered, and recorded by Brandon in their garage, AKA Party Palace Studios.

This album is especially dedicated to all my fellow trans and gender non-conforming folks because I love you, you're valid and we're all beautiful.


released September 17, 2016




Bogsey San Diego, California

Folk-punk about anxiety, depression, gender, and feelins. Message us anytime for anything!

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Track Name: Gashadokuro
Oh I'm not less of a boy, but I guess I'm kind of not more like a woman now...
I'm not exactly sure just what that means all the time.
But this is not a phase,
Scientifically it's closer to a hot new dance craze.
If you don't understand let me try to explain it to you,
in the simplest way that I can think of.
Boys wear blue x3
But that's not true,
Cause I do too.
Track Name: Comix
I can't remember when I lost my sense of humor
The first time I didn't laugh while reading Sunday morning's paper.
The comics just don't make me feel the way they did back then,
When I'd read them before school and in my bed that night again.
Am I just growing up or are they really growing stale?
Either way, my loves, farewell.
Track Name: Mammalian Diving Reflex
We don't need a reason, to feel like shit.
And we don't need a doctors note, to run away from it.
And when we're scared, we can't tell our parents.
We can't tell our best friends, cause we're too embarrassed.
You're having teeth dreams again...
You're having teeth dreams again.

And we're scared, that if we can make ourselves stop crying then it's all fake,
What the fuck does that make us then?
Are we playing pretend just for the attention?
Mammalian diving reflex,
cold water on your face.
And then that perfect little moment when your best friends say
If you'd just grow up, then you wouldn't feel this way.

Are the things that we thought we felt
Also felt by everybody else?
Are we feeling sorry for ourselves?
Is hell, a personal creation,
cinematic projection of our own imagination on a wall?
We're all twisted up.
Entangled, entrenched and completely fucked,
and the question, was a brutal invention.
And the question was a brutal invention.

You're on death row now, at San Quentin and I've got your CDC,
repressed memories, and she'd be 21 if it wasn't for you.
David Westerfield,
Your momma said you're a monster.
And I could write you,
But do I want too?

And I could write you,
But do I want too?

And we're wondering if we're just imitating emotions from dramatic fictions.
Neuro-divergence as commodity,
reenacting the vehemence found in movies and television.
We will never not be hurt enough.
But we will never not be scared enough,
to feel broken torn and cracked,
and ask for help and scurry back,
to hide away in the same place that we have always run to.

But when we need the attention, god bless every laptop,
every internet connection.
We're allowed to feel fucked up.
We're allowed to seek attention.
We're allowed to feel like we do not deserve to feel the sympathy of others.
We're allowed to help each other.
We're allowed to help ourselves.

And the question was a brutal invention.
Track Name: Pumping Iron
And I have always loved the way
They could manipulate their bodies like the flesh was simple clay
And over years the muscle builds around the bones
Expanding, strengthening, and stretching as they continued to grow
Like Viracocha or Prometheus
But divinity replaced by repetition, fuel, and rest.
Pumping Iron on the shores of venice beach
Perfection floating in the tides so close but always out of reach.

But it wasn’t sexual attraction that had ensnared my interest,
Nor a desire for more prominent male characteristics.
It was this power from the peaks of Olympus,
The people in record books in control of the way that they looked

Ba, ba da da da da da da, da daaaaa daaaaa

But something didn’t quite fit like how the bench press
Builds up your pectorals but won’t give you breasts
And squats are great for those rock hard thighs
But what about some wiggle and those hips that cannot tell a lie
I guess the thing that I loved was that they had control
And took their bodies to a place once thought impossible
And I had yet to reach a point where I could realize
That I had the ability to finally live the way I always felt inside.

But pain doesn’t leave the body
it is simply recycled into a neuro-chemical chain
to the hardwood floors,
come on and push it give me just one more
And when it comes down to it I don’t know if I’ll find what I’m looking for.
But searching for something that I can’t name sure beats standing still.

But it wasn’t sexual attraction that had ensnared my interest,
Nor a desire for more prominent male characteristics.
It was this power from the peaks of Olympus,
The people in record books in control of the way that they looked

Everybody wanna live forever,
everybody wanna be a bodybuilder.
Everybody wanna live forever,
but nobody wants to lift these heavy ass weights.
Track Name: Who Shot Mr. Burns: Part 1
I’m sorry if I ruin your fun
I wish I didn’t make you feel the things you like to do are dumb
I’ve always been so critical
To the point where things we both enjoy aren’t any fun at all
We both know I’m impossible to please
I don’t wanna make you feel like me
I’m trying not to bring you down
I know you ‘d have a better time tonight if I wasn’t around
I might as well go home and sleep
Or I can follow you around and feel like such a fucking creep
We both know I, Well I don’t belong here
This creeping fear, leaves me gasping for oxygen
Can I keep it together/ How long is forever?
I need to hear it again.
The rougher it gets the more it hurts to hold onto
And I wanna say fuck you
But you have convinced me
That this is all my fault
That I am abnormal
I’m so fucking horrible
That I can’t be happy
ANd I will make others unhappy too
Thank you

I’m sorry, I don’t like your dog…
I’m sorry, I don’t like your dog…
I’m sorry, I don’t like your dog and for everything
That ever went wrong.
Track Name: Who Shot Mr. Burns: Part 2
Dancing to bossa Nova in a crystal Ball room
With Giant Chandeliers and liberace costumes
And someone turned off the lights
But who needs bulbs when the moons so bright

Let me die in norway, lay me down in the fjord shrubs
And tell me everything is going to be alright
With a tuxedo under your hospital scrubs

I think I’m ok
And I think I’m ok
I think I’ll make it through today

The sharks swam all around us, they just wanted to play
And even though it hurts I fucking love that memory
And I cannot explain or replicate
The stories and the situation that have brought us to this place

I think I’m ok
And I think I’m ok
I think I’ll make it through today